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Book Week

Book Week 1st - 5th March


1st March

Watch Mrs Hodgson’s video to introduce Book Week and the activities for the week.

‘Share a Story Den Task—To create a snug and cosy place where you can read your favourite stories during the week.



2nd March

Share a Story Video Books

On the World Book Day website there are a selection of stories that the children can watch or listen to and then download some activities that link to the story.

Or go to the BBC Teach website to share some stories and ideas for related activities.


Wednesday 3rd March

Work on Book Box or Share a Story.

Whole Class Zoom Call—Book Quiz and dress up as a book character, if children want to.



4th March

Live lesson at 10:30 at

Finish off Book Boxes.



5th March

Group  Zoom Calls—Share the completed Book Boxes over Zoom with their friends.

Share a story.