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Message for Next Week

10th June-15th June


Next week I will be attending the year 6 School journey and will not be in for the whole week. The children have been told about this and know the teachers that they are going to have on the certain days. 

Mrs Buckley will remain with them for her usual days, Monday -Thursday, so if you need to speak to someone urgently, please find her. 

Ms Hughes, who now currently works with year 5 & 6, will be teaching them Wednesday-Friday. The children will be introduced to her again before I leave. 

On the homework, I have attached a grid which shows who will be in class on each of these days as a reminder.  

Additionally, it means much like this week, the homework will be sent home without the homework folder to stop any issues with change over. 

The spelling test and times tables testing will remain the same on Monday Morning.

Any of questions, please let me know. 

Miss Smith


Homework: Class 4

Set: 4th June 2019 Due in:10th June  2019

Homework will be set each Tuesday to be handed in on the following Monday. I will include notes to explain the tasks where necessary. Homework will consist of Maths, English and topic. Sometimes subjects may be combined e.g. write a letter to a Roman Solider.

You should spend around 1hr 30 mins doing your homework, time tables and reading are on top of that. Homework should be completed in pencil, not pen, please. All work must be dated and titled. Please don’t worry if you lose your sheet- just ask me for a new one.

If you or your parents have any questions about the homework, please ask.


Your child has received a list of words to learn over the week. A Spelling test will take place on the following Monday morning.


You will need to practice your (your child will have this on their sheet) this week for a test on Monday. For Homework, I would like you to try some of these questions based using the four operations with money.


For Science, this week the children have a KWL grid that is going to be used in our science lessons next week. If you misplace your sheet please ask me for new one.

Upcoming Dates

The School Trip is on the 26th June.