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Welcome to the Year 5 Webpage.


Please use this page to find class updates and information, including homework.

Week beginning 17/9/18




Due in



25 Questions from section A,B &C

for marking 21/9/18


 30 Minutes reading









For Test Wednesday 26th September




I recognise that homework can sometimes be a source of stress and conflict which I would like to mitigate.


I want your child to take more responsibility for their learning and become more independent. I have told the children that they are to try their best to complete the task in the time (usually 30 minutes) and if they cannot, to write me a short note as to what the difficulty was. I am delighted if parents help and support home work, but if they can’t (or won’t!) do it please let me know so I can assist them.


Your child has a homework diary in which to record their homework themselves, this is part of preparing the children for Year 6 and for secondary transfer and procedures. Homework may be given more frequently than outlined below, although the time allocation will be the same as previously. I may still provide additional written instructions with further details and guidance as children will have a limited space in which to record information. 


The current plan for homework is detailed below:

Monday –Maths - hand in FridayMonday

Tuesday –Reading

Wednesday – GPS (Grammar /Punctuation) due the following

Thursday – Topic/Science/ICT/RE

Friday – Spellings for test following Monday


The same presentational and layout expectations apply for homework as in class:

  • Maths work – in pencil
  • Other work – in handwriting/fountain pen, not biro please
  • All work to be dated, titled and underlined.
  • Loose sheets such as printouts and worksheets will be added to their exercise books or folders.

I will be keeping a record of the children’s reliability and effort in these homework tasks.

Space Models

Space Models 1
Space Models 2
Space Models 3
Space Models 4
Space Models 5
Space Models 6
Space Models 7
Space Models 8
Space Models 9
Space Models 10
Space Models 11
Space Models 12
Space Models 13
Space Models 14
Space Models 15
Space Models 16
Space Models 17
Space Models 18
Space Models 19
Space Models 20
Space Models 21
Space Models 22
Space Models 23
Space Models 24
Space Models 25
Space Models 26
Space Models 27
Space Models 28
Space Models 29
Space Models 30

Greek Day- December 2017

Greek Day- December 2017 1
Greek Day- December 2017 2
Greek Day- December 2017 3
Greek Day- December 2017 4
Greek Day- December 2017 5
Greek Day- December 2017 6
Greek Day- December 2017 7