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Stocks GreenPrimary School


Homework: Class 4

Set: 22nd September

Due in: 28th September (Maths and Spelling)

Project Due in: 28th September

To limit the risks posed by cross-contamination, homework will be set predominantly online. As the children are now obviously accustomed to working in this way. TT Rockstars / Diagnostic Questions and Sir Linkalot will form the basis of these tasks. However, I will be setting project work to be handed in but will be quarantined first. Homework is usually set on a Tuesday to be completed / handed in on the following Monday.

If you or your parents have any questions about the homework, please ask.



Maths will now be set online. The children should still have their log ins for: Diagnostic Questions, TT Rockstars and SumDog, if you do not remember them please let me know and I will find them for you.

SumDog is now a free subscription so the children will only be able to play 6 of the games however, I know the children really enjoyed it during Lockdown so thought it might be nice to have some Times Tables set on there.

The children will have 3 question sets, on Diagnostic Questions and Times tables on both SumDog and TT Rockstars.



Spelling is now linked with Sir Linkalot. I would know like the children to learn the spellings in Blue Blyton and be able to use them in sentences. 


Project: Continued from the last week

Every 2 weeks, the children will now be given a project. This is to limit the amount of paper coming in and out of school. The project can be based on History, Geography, Science or English.

Project 15th September: For the first two weeks, I would like you to design a Roman Shield that can be used in a practical activity in school where the children will march around the playground like Roman Soldiers. You can make it out of card or paper, whichever is easiest for you.


Any Questions, please let me know


Miss Smith