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School Meals

Children in Year R, 1 and 2 qualify for the Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme.  If your child is in one of these year groups, you do not need to apply for a meal and your child can choose a school dinner on the day.  For children in the rest of the school the price of a school meal is £2.68

Free School Meals

Regardless of your child's year group, you can apply for Free School Meals if you are in receipt of certain benefits.  Even if your child qualifies for a free school meal under the Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme, it is worth applying for a Free School Meal as this means that the school receives additional funding to support your child's progress.  You can apply for this below.


If your child is under 5 years old, they will qualify for free school milk.  You will need to apply using either the Cool Milk website or the application form below.  If your child is over 5, they can still apply, but you will need to pay for the milk.  This currently works out as 22p per day.