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Stocks GreenPrimary School

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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Meet The Staff

Head Teacher - Mrs P Crowhurst
Mr J Endersby - Deputy Head /Class 6 Teacher
Mrs C Hodgson - Reception Teacher
Mrs U Saganowska - Class 1 Teacher
Mrs C Adams - Class 2 Teacher
Ms J Wiltshire - Class 3 Teacher
Miss E Smith - Class 4 Teacher
Mrs C Thornton - Class 5 Teacher
Mrs G Newton - Class 6 Teacher
Miss R Hughes - Class 5/6 Teacher
Mrs R Bass - SENCo
Mrs Y Buckley - HLTA/Inclusion Manager
Mrs S Norman - HLTA/Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Hollander - Teaching Assistant
Ms K Alfredson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Marriage - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Weller - Teaching Assistant
Mr J D'Alton - Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Mills - Teaching Assistant
Miss S Roebuck - Teaching Assistant / EMC supervisor
Mrs S Tracey - Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Wilcox - Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Basu - Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Fowler - Midday Supervisor
Mrs E Hancock - Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Goodwin -Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Mitchell - Miidday Supervisor
Mrs N Webb - Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Ashbrook - MDS/EMC - Office Assistant
Miss J Scott - Administration Officer
Mrs G Francis - Administration Officer/ Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Johnson Finance Officer
Mr A Irving - Site Manager