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Year 6 newsletter Autumn 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,


Welcome to Year 6



We would first like to share with you how proud we were of your children last week. They coped extremely well with coming back into school after such a long break, we talked about the “new” expectations due to social distancing and they were all very sensible and grounded. Well done them and thank you! They have started the year working hard and have been excellent Year 6 Role models.

As we will not be able to have a meet the teacher evening as we would usually do, here are a few pointers to life in Year 6 and also how we will be dealing with various situations as they arise post-lockdown.


Curriculum: Please also see the class page for the Curriculum Newsletter


Due to Covid restrictions we want to reduce the flow of books to and from school. The children can choose a book from school or bring one in to leave at school. Off course once they have finished they will bring it home and bring another one in or choose from our class library


A letter will be sent to you regarding our new whole school spelling program: Sir Linkalot.


The children will be reminded of their logins for Diagnostic questions and this will be used for Maths homework, again to reduce the objects in and out of school. They all still have access to

Times Table Rockstars. Work on TT Rockstars will be set as part of their homework and the children will be able to work on times tables

Microsoft Teams

We will be introducing Microsoft teams to the children which will give them an online platform to access work from us and upload work to us from home. We tried this last week and unfortunately our Firewall restrictions were against us!!! I know some of the children have tried at home and have also been thwarted- this is due to an IT migration taking place over the next few weeks. When It is finally sorted, children will have a login and password to login on to Teams. This is a very useful tool that is used at many secondary schools and will prepare them for life at secondary school. In addition it as tool we can use just in case of further lockdown restrictions.


To limit the risks posed by cross-contamination, homework will be set predominantly online. As the children are now obviously accustomed to working in this way. TT Rockstars / Diagnostic Questions and Sir Linkalot will form the basis of these tasks. However, we will be setting project work to be handed in but will be quarantined first. They will have a piece of homework each night-details will be on the curriculum newsletter. Please encourage your child to read every day or you can to read with or to your child each day, focusing on asking questions about what they are reading in order to strengthen comprehension skills.



Monday: Spellings (spelling test every week) 

Tuesday:  Maths (due in every Tuesday)

Wednesday:  Grammar/punctuation/writing

Thursday:Reading to someone or a comprehension

Friday: Topic see Homework task sheet



Term 1 PE will be on a Thursday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit (with warm leggings/jogging bottoms as the weather cools) on that day. There will be no swimming this term – as soon as we know more we will update you.

It is important to give the children as many opportunities as possible to communicate with and listen to others, so I’m keen to give it a go.


School Journey – June 2021

We are currently in conversation with the related parties to try and arrange a trip and make sure it is safe and viable. We will do this as quick as we can so I can price the journey up and let you know. The date I have provisional booked with the Company in October 2019 was for the week beginning Monday 21st June 2021.


Covid Restrictions

Thank you for adhering to the new systems in place for drop off and collection. If you have children arriving at different times, please can you bring them all with the latest child due in. Please don’t worry, I will ensure that any children arriving at 9am with Year R children will not miss any key activities. Early morning work is usually finishing off tasks from the previous day, reading and general warm up activities.

Please can you explain to your child that pencil cases must remain at school. We have done so but an explanation from you also will help. We have allocated basic equipment for each child that remains in their tray and we are allowing children to share colouring pencils within their table group if they do not have their own.

Water bottles will now stay with the child on their desk, if it is possible to supply a bottle that does not have to have the top removed in order for the child to drink that would be great – we are trying to minimise spillages on work!



The children do not have a home contact book in KS2 and therefore if you need to inform me of something please contact the office and they will pass on the message. We try to encourage the children to tell me messages from home where appropriate to help develop their independence but We appreciate that sometimes you may need to give me a message that is more delicate or urgent. Due to social distancing, we would be grateful if you only do this if it is urgent and use the office wherever possible. Thank you.


We forward to working with you this year to help your child thrive and learn.


Mrs Newton, Mr Endersby & Mrs Hollander