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Good Morning Year 6


Another Friday another week gone by.


I hope you have read the letter Mrs Newton and I sent, preparing those of you returning next week to expect some changes to our usual daily routine and throughout the term.


We will be doing different things this term and not the same some of you might have seen in the past, that your older brothers or sisters have done. Nevertheless we will try and make it a memorable time and one you can look back at you fond memories.


First different thing is our planned cycle of 300km next week, we will do some training on Wednesday and go for it on Thursday- Rain or Shine (that great Five Star track) we will be outside!! I have 16 replies so far, dont worry if you are not coming back to school you can have a cycle close to home, remember your route and try and measure using google maps and let me know. If you are coming into school and don't want to cycle, that's fine- I will need help counting laps, taking photos and organising things so you can get involved some way. Send me an email either way.



Enjoy your weekend

stay safe

Mr E

Thursday 4th June


Good morning, Year 6!


I hope you are all having a good week? Mr E and I are both in school today, getting things ready for next week...You may remember that I get cold quite easily and I'm not a fan of having all the windows open (which you guys seem to love!). Well, I'm currently sitting in a very cold classroom as Mr E has got all the windows and doors open which I understand is important but I'm so cold!!! 


Thank you for all the replies we received about completing the Duchene Dash at school - it's great to hear so many of you are excited for it! We hope the email we sent to you yesterday made sense but do remember that if you have any questions to just give us an email and likewise with the work you are completing this week.


Have a super day! smiley


Take care

Mrs Newton heart



Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning everybody, what a scorcher of a week so far.

I've been cycling into school everyday so far and my route gets longer and longer as I am enjoying the warm weather even at 7am-it's the best part of the day... I was nearly late in this morning I was having such a nice time!!!


I really enjoyed your creative photography and super ideas, I put the ones I get sent on the photo page...keep going with the maths and english, we will be doing more of the same next week !! Some of you will have a different view though !!


Any questions or concerns please email us as Mrs Newton said yesterday and we will reply as soon as we can.


Take care

enjoy the sun, get out for a run or a cycle or a scoot today

Mr E

Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning, Year 6!


Welcome back! We hope you had a great half-term! Did you all enjoy the sun? It was so lovely, wasn't it?! Indie is keeping me busy still and turning into a very independent little lady who insists on walking everywhere and won't hold my hand so I spend the majority of my time chasing my sassy, little toddler marching off on her own - help!!


Mr E has uploaded the latest Maths, English and challenge tasks and I have uploaded some more Science so have a look and have a go! If you have any questions then please give us an email and let us know what you got up to in the holidays too.


Have a great day! smiley


Take care

Mrs Newton heart

Monday 1st June


Hope you all had a relaxing half term

Today is an inset day, all the teachers are having a meeting at school and planning for the partial return for some of you.

Mrs Newton and I, together with Mrs Thornton will be planning for the next few weeks today. We will also put up the home learning for this week and future weeks on Monday. For those of you that are returning to school the work will be the same online for those of you who will still be at home working, so we make sure everybody has access to the same work


Have one last day of relaxing

Take care

Mr E


Friday 22nd May


Now that was the strangest term ever....

After today you need to give everyone a break at home and not think about doing any work...

What a lovely few days it has been, hope no-one has got sun burnt.

I have uploaded the maths challenges from White Rose, so give them a go and then have a go at this Friday challenge

I am sure you can come up with lots of creative images

Have a good half term

take care and stay safe

Mr E

Thursday 21st May


Hello, Year 6!


How are you all doing? It’s so lovely and hot – I’m trying to recreate a holiday scene in my garden but it’s slightly different to what I'm used to as it involves a paddling pool with a crazy 1-year-old in rather than a real pool with quiet adults and the view of my house rather than a beach, oh and a work laptop but, it’s definitely better than being stuck indoors!!


I’ve uploaded some more dingbats below for those of you that want to have a go. I hope you are getting on with everything else ok, just drop us an email if you have any questions.


Have a wonderful day! smiley


Take care,

Mrs Newton heart


PS Hope this makes you smile...

Picture 1

Wednesday 20th May

Its getting hot out there, what a scorcher it will be today, remember that sun tan lotion if you venture outdoors on some of those long runs, cycles and park trips we have been hearing about.


Good to see some of you trying the cartoon quiz, i've had a couple of answer sheets back with full marks. It was great seeing some photos of the fun Friday challenge, and some photos challenges to.


Keep up with the maths and english, science to. Looking forward to half term and a break from work, I am sure some of you have a had a break on some days, we have at my house


Enjoy your day

stay safe

Mr E

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning, Year 6!


I hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous sunny weather and getting outside as much as you possibly can! I sometimes go to the park twice a day now just to get us out of the house and Indie loves chasing the dogs - the poor dogs!!


Did you try something new last week? Give us an email and let us know if you did.


I think you’ve got quite a good selection of work and activities to choose from and Mr E has found some great random tasks and challenges but do let us know which ones you particularly like. I’ve set some more Science so have a look and send in what you get up to as we do love to see it all. I have also set a new ‘spag’ quiz on


Finally, I hope you are all okay and looking after yourselves. Mr E and I are really missing being in school with you and doing all the things we should be doing but we’re thinking about how we can make the last summer term work.


I really hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the sun! smiley


Take care

Mrs Newton heart

Monday 18th May


Hope you all had a busy weekend, we are all allowed to go out a bit more but still keeping that 2 metres is very important... My family and I went on a 5 mile walk around Golden Green, here is the route we took 


It was lovely and sunny on Saturday, just right for a nice walk in the country side. What walks have any of you been on, would be nice to get some new routes to go on.


I have uploaded this weeks maths, which I think we have done before at the start of the year; so a good bit of revision. If you fancy something different I have uploaded some maths investigations and a murder mystery you can try. There is still the holiday planning activity as well.


For English I have left Pobble 365 up for you to choose a different date. I have also put up a link up for some quick fire tasks, where you are limited to 200 words to answer 4 questions after watching the video on some tasks that make your writing a purposeful activity.


I have added an extra page with a weekly challenge for you all...Who likes Cartoon Characters, on this page-click here there are 85, yes 85 cartoon characters to try and name!!! You can either view the images on the website or download the powerpoint to see them a bit clearer. Good luck- you can send us your answers if you want


The photo, drawing and writing challenges are still on the afternoon page and Mrs Newton will upload some more science

Have a good week, one week before half term !!!


Stay safe

Mr E


Friday 15th May


You've made another week, well done...It feels like it should be August!!!


We've had some fantastic work emailed to us, cycling jersey designs, stories, house designs,  paintings, videos of the photo challenge, lots of baking photos- at the end of all this all your parents will be getting you to leave home as you've all shown what wonderful chefs you are, you will all be able to look after yourselves !!


We've also heard about all the exercise you have been doing, I am guessing this is because of all the cakes you have been baking, you need to work it of some how !!


Keep it all up, would be great to see some more of the activities you have been up to, especially the something you might not have tried before.


I've uploaded the maths challenges from White Rose....We have also seen lots of superb writing from you today why not choose any date on pobble365, a date of complete random and see what you can write about from the image before you and send it to us.


I recommendation from Daisy for a choice of good art challenges go to

Have a look at the photos page to see Daisy's art 'Dawn to Dusk'.


Finally I have been searching the internet for a Fun Friday challenge and here it is


I particularly like Task 5 and Task 2...who can send us a photo the quickest today of Task 5?

- but remember you have to do chores not chore -



have a good weekend

take care

Mr E

Thursday 14th May


Hi Year 6,


How are you all doing? I hope you are having a good week? It was so cold yesterday, wasn’t it?! However, it looks as though it’s going to start warming up over the next few days – yay! I’m slightly concerned about all of the baking you’ve all been doing and it not being shared with the rest of your class and amazing teachers…who’s eating it?! It just all looks so delicious…I dream of the days you can share you’re baking with me again...oh, and everyone else of course wink!


I hope your work is going ok this week. Do remember that we are here to help if you get stuck: just give us an email and we will reply as soon as we can.


Why don’t you try something new today – something you’ve never done before? It can be anything, like: make lunch for all of your family, work outside, start learning a new language, set the table for dinner…anything at all. Let us know what you get up to.


I hope you have a fantastic Thursday smiley!


Missing you all loads,

Mrs Newton heart


PS Has this happened to any of you yet…

Picture 1

Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday to everybody, thank you to those of you that have sent some science and some of your afternoon challenges to us. Its good to see what you have been up to.


And I have to saw the presentation of all the work we have seen is absolutely amazing, such care and thought has gone in to it.... well done everybody, give yourselves a pat on the back. 

I have put some more Diagnostic Questions up, a new Sumdog challenge practising those multiplication skills and there is a VE Wordsearch created by our very own Daisy on the Afternoon Challenges page


I am going to start the photo challenge that I put up on the afternoon activities page. I am going to take Pearl out for a walk one afternoon and we will take the list and have a go and create a video or powerpoint of all the pictures-not decided which one yet. Not sure I'll manage all 52 images but I will do as many as I can.


Some of you have gone a bit quiet on the emails, you don't have to send any work: just a quick hello and what you have been getting up to would be great.


Have  a Wonderful Wednesday

And I will leave you with this thought

Could this study be true ??!!

Who has been on a bike ride this week??!!

take care 

Mr E

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning, lovely Year 6!


How are you? I hope you had a great 3-day weekend?! We had a street party, which was fun to see so many other people (at a safe distance!) – Indie was confused because she hasn’t seen so many people in such a long time!


We’re still really enjoying seeing the different things you decide to get up to so keep sending in your pictures. Did you enjoy seeing what we get up to at home smiley ?!


You have all the Maths and English activities to keep you busy and I love some of the new afternoon activities Mr E uploaded yesterday. Later this morning, there will also be some new books set on Rising Stars and Science work in the Science link.


Did you enjoy the Dingbats? Let me know if you got any of them correct. Here are the answers:


1.) All around the world

2.) Standing in line

3.) Backpack

4.) Mind over Matter

5.) Upbeat

6.) Backdraft

7.) Up in smoke

8.) Little Britain

9.) Once upon a time

10.) Go down in history

11.) Crosshairs

12.) Split personality


I hope you all have a great day! smiley


Take care,

Mrs Newton heart


Monday  11th May

This week would have been SATS week, so as you've guessed it, I would like you to complete a Reading Comprehension Test and a Maths Test before 11am and then email them to me !!!!



Hope you all had a good long 3 day weekend. Did anybody celebrate VE day with anything special, there were a very street parties around where I live, all keeping their distance, off course.


Slightly different for the maths this week, White Rose are only letting everyone view the videos, you will have to download the worksheets on our Maths page, as we subscribe to their premium resources.

I will also put up some different work for those of you that would like a challenge.


I have also put up a bit of English.....choose your birthday and use the image to inspire what you write about....


For the Afternoon I have found a few different challenges you could take on....a photo challenge, a drawing challenge or a journal challenge, write a paragraph about each statement....have a look, try and be as creative as possible with the photos and drawings and create a presentation to show us -click on the afternoon challenges link.


Have a good week

Mr E

Friday 8th May


Happy Friday...

Enjoy  the bank holiday, go on a bike ride, a run, a walk ...remember to social distance. Or just watch a movie bake a cake, sit in the garden, bounce on your trampoline.....whatever you do enjoy and take care..

Mr E


Here are the answers to the riddles form Thursday, thank you Seb and Ruan for your emails, hopefully you all has a guess at some of them















Thursday 7th May


Good morning, Year 6!


How are you all doing? I hope you are all having a nice week and enjoying the sun.


Something I keep forgetting to mention is reading – how are you all getting on with reading? You should still be reading everyday (a book/text of your choice) but there are also texts and books set on the Rising Stars website with quizzes at the end so you can keep practising those comprehension skills. Do let us know about what you’re reading and any authors or new things you have discovered during lockdown.


Mr E has also updated the Maths page with some slightly more challenging activities if you want to give them a go.


How did you get on with Mr E’s riddles yesterday?! He’s actually inspired me to give you a few ‘Dingbat’ challenges! Dingbats are visual word puzzles that illustrate a famous phrase or saying. Have a look at the document I have attached below. We will use the first two as examples; the answers are:

1.) all around the world

2.) standing in line


I’ll let you know the answers next Tuesday or you can email me and like Mr E said…no using Google!! Enjoy!


Have a fantastic day smiley!


Take care,

Mrs Newton heart



Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday, thank you for the emails from some of you, I'm glad some of your emailed me to let us know about Star Wars day and the activities you did, you can do them all week if you want !!

I am in school tomorrow so I will do some of them with the children that are in school.


What you have a go at these riddles and email me the answers, once you've guessed them, why not try and make your own and send them to me and I can put them up here for others to guess. Or why not create a different word problem, crossword, word search or maths problem and I can put the on here for others to guess.









No using Google

Remember to email me your answers, I will put the answers up on Friday.

Have a marvelous day

Mr E


Tuesday 5th May


Good morning, Year 6!


Did you all have a lovely weekend and a great Star Wars day yesterday? I hope you are all okay and managing to stay safe, happy and well which are by far the most important things! I did a bit of baking yesterday: I made some savoury carrot and cheese muffins, which Indie devoured and then had a complete meltdown when I wouldn’t let her have a third!! You’ll be pleased to hear that she has finally let go of my finger and is walking, well running, on her own now but this means that I’m now chasing her around the house rather than being dragged…wish me luck for the rest of lockdown!


How are you all getting on with the different work we are suggesting? Remember to pick something you can manage to do on your own if your adult(s) at home are busy and if you’re having an ‘off’ half hour then take a break, get some fresh air and try again later.


Thank you for your plant work; I love seeing the different ways that you are all displaying your work! I have set some new Science and English in the links below.


I hope you all have a great day smiley!


Take care and speak soon,

Mrs Newton heart


Monday May 4th

Happy Star Wars Day


Hope you all had a good weekend, it brightened up a bit from the week so it was nice to get back outside.

I took my family on a 6 mile walk , a great website called has some nice walks to go on, if you have a spare 2 and a half hours!!!.

As you can see it was a bit hilly !!!


Another week has gone by and you are all doing so well, from the work and photos I am seeing. Keep it up...


We have updated the webpages with some new work


Please don't  do everything Mrs Newton and I set- YOU DON'T NEED TO. 

Its good to do a bit of Maths-maybe the White Rose, OR Sumdog, OR Diagnostic questions, some reading and a bit of writing if you can everyday. Mrs Newton has set some English ideas.

 I have also put up some STAR WARS writing ideas, seeing as its Star Wars Day

There are also some Star Wars art activities on the Activities to choose page !!


For the afternoon try something that is practical and doesn't involve much writing maybe? You can use our suggestions or something you would like to do.

Remember if you decide to do some baking, you are doing plenty of Maths !!!

There is also some science you could do, or the other activities I suggested are still there for you to have a go at something maybe a bit different


If you need some help just email us and we will get back as soon as we can.

Have a good week

Mr E

Friday 1st May


I hope you liked the video, the staff made. It took some organisation, some off these teachers don't follow instructions, I said make sure you film landscape if videoing from a phone, you cant get the staff !!!


I have got my thinking cap on for some year 6 leavers videos, email me with any of your ideas. If we don't make it back to school, I'm going to ask you to video an idea at home and I will edit it together, just like the staff did. I'm hoping we can make it in school though.


I have slightly changed the layout of the class page, click on the links below this text to go to the different subjects to find the work we have set


I am going to re-iterate what Mrs Newton wrote yesterday, and we've seen some brilliant work – thank you, keep it up. Remember, a little English and Maths from the resources we have offered you every morning (or any part of the day – depends what works best for you). If you find the Hamilton English lesson a bit tricky or boring one day, then try something else like Literacy Shed or anything else you have an urge to write about! 


I found this activity you might try today, as you know and see-Friday after school is always my favourite time to go for a cycle, while you lot were doing dance club I would wander through in my lyrca off to cycle the roads of I thought you could have a go at this and design a cycling jersey!!!

Why not get creative and download the Kalas ‘Design Your Own Cycling Jersey’ template.

Fancy your chances of winning your dream cycling jersey this year? Kalas are bringing their competition back for 2020 for the whole family to get involved with. So, grab your pens, click the download link and get designing!


Have a good weekend

Mr E

And I'll leave you with this image of those professional farming tools.....

.....see they do exist !!!!




Thursday 30th April


Good morning, you lovely lot!


I hope you are all doing okay this week as it’s a bit different with the weather being rainy but I like to use rainy days as a good excuse to get cosy and watch a film (this lasts for approximately 30 seconds with Indie around though!). Did you see the ideas Miss Smith and I sent out for keeping active? There are some great ideas to actually get active whilst watching some Disney classics so give them a try!


You have continued to send in some brilliant work – thank you. Remember, a little English and Maths from the resources we have offered you every morning (or any part of the day – depends what works best for you). If you find the Hamilton English lesson a bit tricky or boring one day, then try something else like Literacy Shed or anything else you have an urge to write about! The ‘Beyond the Lines’ film from Literacy Shed is one of my favourite and it’s about WWII. The afternoons are down to you…try something new, get creative or do something you love doing but don’t usually have time to do.


I mentioned before that Diversity have made all of their dance tutorials free until April 30th, it has now been extended until June 5th so get dancing!! Go to


I hope you all enjoyed the film the staff made for you…we really do miss you all and have everything crossed that we will be able to see you soon.


Take care and have a great day!


Mrs Newton smiley




Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 6.

What a horrid day Tuesday was, I hope you managed to get a bit of fresh air, I managed a late afternoon walk to drop some food off to an elderly neighbour we are looking out for.


Keep on what you have been doing, the daily White Rose maths lesson, is what we would be doing in school- you just have a video to watch rather than me talking at you, so bonus all round there!!


I have added some more Diagnostic questions you can try, and some more topics on Sumdog you can try, do what you can.


Carry on with Mrs Newtons English or try one of the literacy shed links i posted on Monday-


I found this website as well if you fancy learning to touch type, try and follow the instructions and don't cut corners and you should improve your typing speed

All try one of the challenges or the science, you choose and send us a picture


I know you are missing all my jokes so here's a couple for you

or this one 


Take care

Mr E 

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 6!!


How are you all?! I hope you are all okay and have been enjoying all of the sunshine we have been having.


You guys have been doing so, so well with your home-schooling. It is really tough not being with your friends, not having anyone to teach you and I know for a lot of you, you are required to work really independently for a lot of the day because your adults at home are busy working. So, just for a minute, feel proud of what you have all managed to do and adjust to in such a short amount of time – you, and whoever is looking after you at home, are doing a great job and you should be very proud of yourselves!


We love reading your emails and seeing all of your work. We have particularly enjoyed seeing the ‘extra’ things you have decided to do with your time – it’s really interesting and amazing to see both hidden and new talents emerge so keep this up and keep sharing with us (and I expect some cake when we reunite; I feel like I’m really missing out on all of this baking!).


Indie is keeping me busy at home; she’s getting cheekier and cheekier by the day and just loves trashing the house, which is fun! I miss my 32 Year 6 children…one toddler is hard work!!


I have attached this week's Science work and some English in the document below.


Remember, if you have any questions at all or even if you just want to say hi just email us and we will reply as soon as we can.


Take care and I’ll speak to you all again soon!


Mrs Newton smiley


Ps I saw this and thought of you lot…smiley


Picture 1

Week Beginning Monday 27th April 2020

How are you all doing?

Thank you for all the photos and emails, its nice to hear what you have been up to.

Just a quick outline for this week


The Maths is up and ready to go -Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April)


Remember all the online extras you can do if you want...There are new things to do on

Sumdog and Diagnostic questions, not Collins his week though



You can either follow the Hamilton plans

Scroll down to go to 

Learning at Home Packs for English (from Easter onward)

Year 6 English - Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

And then choose Week 4




Go to

And each day go to one of the different 'sheds', watch a video and you choose what task you would like do and it would be great to see which task you have done- so email us your work.

I personally like the Music Shed-

And the Toy Story 3 -Cowboy task !!!



Here are a few things you could do


Starting secondary school


Desert Island Disc Challenge

See attached sheet below this text


One of these tasks- that some of you did last week- chose a different one


Here are some suggestions that you are free to pick and choose for an alternative afternoon

Learn the days of the week in any language but English and French

Write about your favourite memory form Stocks Green

Make a meal for your family (you might need some adult help with this)

Work out how to find the area of a circle- are design a poster about it

Learn as much as you can about Tonbridge Castle and present it in a way of your choosing

Design and create your own board game

Write a set of instructions on how to play your board game

Create an advertisement for something unusual in your house

Learn to play chess (there are plenty of online chess games you can play)

Write a poem about lock down using ABAB rhyme scheme

Garden/home treasure hunt

Create a rainbow collage by collecting coloured materials from your garden or home.

Imagine electricity just stopped, spend an afternoon that requires ZERO electricity

During lockdown nature is thriving, make a bird feeder for our little friends.

Using the skills we have learnt in One Hour of Code, create a Scratch animation.

Take 1 afternoon for yourself to do whatever you want. This can only be done once!!


Or one from this list- I pinched it from Miss Smith....SShhh, dont tell her !!!


Where has your food come from?


Have a look at the labels on 5 different types of food in your house. Where did they come from? Which place in UK or which country in the World? Which has travelled the furthest?

Make a telescope


Find a used kitchen roll tube and wrap a piece of card around it. Tape the outside cardboard roll so that it can slide. You can decorate it if you’d like.  Use your telescope to look at things really closely. What can you see through it


Tallest Tower


How can you make the tallest free standing tower from just one piece of A4 paper? You can use a pair of scissors, but no glue or tape is allowed.


Email me for further instructions

Water Music

Arrange some drinking glasses on a table. If you hit them with a pencil what sound do they make? Is each different? Now add different amounts of water to each glass. How has the sound changed? Can you compose a song to play on your water xylophone.

Imagine what your life would be like without plastic

Write a story or create a comic strip for ‘a life without plastic’. Are all plastics the same?  Do they all float


Research the Seven wonders of the world. Which of these wonders are in Europe? How did it become one of the seven wonders of the world?



Find a place in Europe could be either a city/ town or country for each letter of the alphabet.


Go to this website and find a Science experiment to do:

or this one


Take care 

Stay Safe

If you need help any time please email Mrs Newton or myself, one of us will answer as soon as we see your message


Mr E & Mrs Newton



Home Schooling -Summer Week 1

Week beginning 20th April 2020


 If you haven't finished your SATS books we sent home, don't worry, you can always dip in to them when you want.


You can obviously start the day with Joe Wicks and some exercise-Who's been dressing up on Fridays ??!!



White Rose Maths (which is the scheme we use at school) have provided lessons with videos and an activity you can work through.

There is 5 lessons for the week. It might look like you need your farming tool for the activities but you don't !!!

Start with SUmmer week 1, Lesson 1 w/c 20th April and work your way through the lessons, ignore the Week 1 , Week 2 above the summer term


Remember you can check Diagnostic questions for mini quizzes that you can work though online


I have always been able to get you access to a website called


The log in details are the same as the ones I sent home for Rising stars website- and the school code is 'stocksgreen'.... I have set some tasks called geometry for you to try-there is 50 questions

I think I have also set a times table challenge for you as well!!!

Try and navigate the website it does look rather fun.


email me if you have forgotten any login details and I can send them to you.





Scroll down to Year 6 and start with Week 3



See the attached sheet from Mrs Newton


English & Science

Welcome back.. Year 6 

I am sure you are all ready to go and enthusiastic for some more home schooling.

It has been lovely to receive your photos and emails letting us know about what you have been doing. It has also been nice to spot some of you out and about for your daily exercise: at a distance off course !!


Mrs Newton and I will be having a meeting on Monday morning (again at a distance) to try and make this term as interesting as possible, a hard task I know. I am sure you would all prefer to be at school getting ready for SATS !!!???

This year has felt a bit like this.....

And you wake up every day and think


I am sure you have been keeping busy, as we have seen from the photos, please keep sending them, we do enjoy seeing what you have been up to. 


I have been cycling a lot, more indoors than out, I save my outside exercise  to take Martha and Pearl out for walks or a cycle. I have managed to complete a few 1000 piece jigsaws, I have done some DIY- painting rooms, bannisters and gardening. I have even made a couple of small tables for our front room at home !!!


We have been enjoying clapping for the NHS at 8pm every Thursday and waving at all our neighbours, and have made rainbows for our windows as well.


It would be great to hear what some of you have been up to during the Easter break, I know it was at home but you might help me out to give me some ideas of what to do !!

Keep smiling- remember


Check below for today we have set some work for you to be getting on with. Remember you can always email me if you are stuck and we will try and help the best we can.


Stay safe and take care

Mr E & Mrs Newton





Welcome to Year 6's Class Page!

Mrs Newton here! Wednesday 25th March

Hello, you lovely lot! I hope you are all okay and have enjoyed your first couple of days of home learning. As promised, I have attached below a website with some fun science experiments you can try. I thought you could have fun with some of these over the next week and then after Easter, I will upload some more specific activities linked to our Science topics. Remember you also have the list of WWII activities you can pick from – I will upload these again below. I have also shared some Art ideas/tutorials below. Finally, Diversity (a dance group who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 and who are simply brilliant!) have made their new dance tutorial website free until May 1st so make the most of this – there are some brilliant lessons on there for everyone!! Go to  

I hope you are all enjoying the sun as much as you possibly can and looking after yourselves!

Take care.

Mrs Newton




  • Harptoons Publishing are doing live drawing tutorials on their facebook page
  • If you haven’t already, get creating a rainbow picture and display it in your window to spread a little bit of joy for those who are able to get outside for a walk…an i-spy trail of rainbow artwork through Hildenborough!


UPDATE: Wednesday 25th March

Glad to see some of you working hard, and have emailed me some lovely photos of the work you have done- scroll down to see them, you can email me with any more at the address and Mr Newton and I will reply.


Remember you can go on to Diagnostic Questions for some maths quizzes and Rising Stars to read something different and there are some quizzes on that to.


take care

Mr E




Hello Year 6

Mrs Newton and I hope you are all enjoying your first day.

Just thought I would leave you a little message about some places where you can find some resources.


I hope you all enjoyed your Joe Wicks work out this morning, I really liked it- quite tired to be honest, half an hour exercise not on a bike is quite hard!!


Below is a class email for you to use to send me what you’re doing at home or to ask me any questions. I look forward to hearing from you all even if it just a short email telling me about your day. I will be around on the email for whatever you need just like if we were in class. 


On the sheet we sent out on Friday, it has log-ins for TT Rockstars, Diagnostic Questions and Rising Stars. If you do not have this please send me an email (see above) and I will send you over all the information. (click on the links above and it should take you straight to the website)


Please do carry on reading your own books at home but, Rising Stars includes some comprehension questions along the way.


You may be a little worried or anxious as to what the future may hold at the moment; that is a perfectly normal reaction to utterly abnormal times. However, here is some practical advice to help:


  • Make sure that you have a tidy space to work! I know my desk is a mess, but please don't copy that and find yourself a nice quiet corner to do your work in.
  • Consider putting some music on in the background- i would recommend some Pearl Jam, Jason Mraz or Dave Matthews Band and get yourself a nice hot drink or Pepsi, may be a waffle or two, to help you concentrate
  • Try and get yourself in a routine as it will help you to feel in control and give you something to break up the time. Make yourself a timetable
  • Ask for help when you need it. I do this all the time!! Ask friends, family and teachers for assistance and remember, my emails are always on.
  • Finally, and most importantly, be kind to yourself and allow yourself some time for a break-go for a cycle!


I have no doubt that if you approach these new challenges that we face now with that fearless and inspiring courage I have seen within all of you, your secondary school journey will be so much easier, then you will absolutely fine.


Once again, thank you for being such an amazing year group- we will have an end of year party at some point !!!


Take care of yourselves

Mr E, Mrs Newton & Mrs Hollander