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Class 2


Year 2 Homework

Set: Monday 2nd December

Due: Monday 9th December


Reading: Each week the expectation is that your child reads for at least 10 minutes per night and that either yourself or your child records a comment in the ‘Home contact’ book. Please would all children bring their current reading book and ‘Home contact’ book to school every day. Thank you.

Spelling: This week we are working on ‘common exception’ words. These are words that often appear in writing. We are looking at words ending in –ind and -old. Also the word ‘every’ that appears inside the word ‘everybody.’ Please reinforce these by asking your child to write a list of words that end in -ind and -old. They also write words that appear inside other words. They could put some of these into sentences.

Maths: We are continuing to work on multiplication. We have been studying multiplication as repeated addition. Please complete the first worksheet, if you feel confident, go on to the second one.

Christmas Play:  The children have worked very hard with learning their lines for the Christmas play, thank you. Following our first rehearsals, we have decided to use microphones for all the speaking parts, so the children now just need to work on saying their lines slowly and clearly. They need to use a voice slightly louder than their own speaking voice. Please keep working on learning the songs. A reminder: Please could all costumes be in school by Friday 6th December, thank you.

Design: Can you design a seasonal stamp? We have looked at stamp designs in class. It can have a Winter or Christmas theme. Don’t forget to write the price on your stamp!

Show and Tell: rota is as follows:

Monday 2nd December – Australia

Show and tell will begin again next term.


The focus for Show and Tell for Term 2 is ‘Stories’. Please may the children bring and share their favourite book. They need to be able to talk about the book and explain why it is their favourite!


All homework to be handed in on Monday 9th December please, it should take no longer than 1 hour.

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