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Stocks GreenPrimary School

The Governing Body

Governing bodies are required to meet formally a minimum of three times a year. Meeting dates are usually set well in advance and meetings generally last between two and three hours. Governors are expected to be well prepared for these meetings and attendance is expected, with apologies only for good reasons.


Stocks Green Full Governing Body (FGB), meets approximately 5 times a year which includes an all day meeting at Stocks Green (usually in March).


Certain functions are delegated to sub-committees, Stocks Green governing body have the following sub-committees:

  • Standards and Curriculum
  • Finance and Premises
  • Pay and Performance
  • Ad-hoc working groups can also be formed for specific purposes, for instance the appointment of a new headteacher


These committees usually meet at least 3 times a year.

The Governing body undertakes a skills audit annually to ensure that as a board it has the right mix of skills to undertake its role – where gaps are found relevant training is planned. Succession planning is also key if you would like to know more about becoming a Governor then please refer to the link below.

In addition some governors volunteer to fulfill specific roles, such as being the Special Educational Needs governor, Safeguarding governor,  Health and Safety governor, or the link governor for a particular year or subject.