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Welcome to the Year 5 Webpage.


Please use this page to find class updates and information, including homework.

Friday 22nd January

Dear Parent/Carers

Thank you once again for your support this week and making sure the children were all online when they needed to be.  I realise this is not always easy!

I have now updated the work for next week so that you can access it over the weekend if need be.  There are a couple of documents that I have attached to the email that I have just sent to you, as they cannot be put on the website.  One is for PE on Wednesday and one is for Geography on Thursday.


Also, as the children are aware, I am asking, after each Maths and English zoom session, that any children stay on the call if there is anything they need clarifying.  Several children are already doing this and I think it is really helping. Please know that this is open to anyone, and will make it much easier for me to help with any issues or misunderstandings. 


Our extra Zoom session is on Monday afternoon and we decided we would do a "show your pets/show your artwork/talk about your weekend" focus! 


I will continue to provide feedback for poems from last week and I will also update the website with new work - so thank you for sending things in.  


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Thornton



Some of the work we have been doing!





Week beginning 25/1/21






Zoom: 9:00am

Maths: 4 digits divided by 1

Zoom: 9:ooam

Maths: 4 digits divided by 1

Zoom: 9:00am

Maths: Dividing with remainders

Zoom: 9:00am

Maths: Division and Multiplication problem solving

Zoom: 9:00am

Maths: Nrich activity



Zoom: 10:30am

English: Writing questions (Book - Tuesday)

Zoom: 10:30am

English: Writing playscripts (Book Tuesday)

Zoom: 10:30am

English: Report writing (Book - Tuesday)

Zoom: 10.30am

English: Report writing (Book - Tuesday)

Zoom: 10:30am

English: Grammar focus

Class book focus



Zoom: 1:30pm


Spelling - SLL

Times tables

Science: Forces







Thank you to the PTA for such a fab Winter Wonderland! Year 5 loved it - as you can see!

Homework: Week beginning 14th December:

No homework this week as I think the children need a break over the holidays!  They have worked extremely hard over the past few months.  I am very proud of them and all that they have achieved.  Well done Year 5!





Homework: Week beginning 7th December:

Monday: reading at home; short book review once a book has been finished

Tuesday: spelling - please use the login to Sir Linkalot to ensure you know all of Orange Orwell words before I test you this week.

Wednesday: as part of our new topic on Ancient Greece, I would like the children to start researching the Olympic Games, looking at how and why they began.  They can present their information in any format they like, but I would like this work to be handed in to myself as it will form part of their history work.  The children can do this work over two weeks.

Thursday:  please focus on learning all times-tables (including division facts) ready for when we move onto multiplication/division after Christmas.

Friday:  Continue work on the Olympics (see Wednesday)





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