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School Council representatives are chosen from years 2-6.

The process of selection is through a class vote.

Candidates have the opportunity to make  a speech stating  why they wish to stand for school council and their class members vote for their preferred candidate.


Class 6 - Ben Brown, Daisy Dunton, Chloe Denton, Aimee Vincent.

Class 5-  Luca Tondina, Felicity Grant

Class 4 - Leah Powell, Jake Vincent

Class 3- Victoria Bone, Anish Konathala


On Friday 18th January Year 6 School Council  went to take part in the Local Schools Debate with the Mayor of Tonbridge at the Council Chambers in Kings Hill. They discussed and voted on two issues and were commended on their well informed comments. They saw Democracy in action and it's role in British Values.

On Tuesday 5th March The School Council attended the annual pancake races in the village.