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Welcome to Year 4!



Spellings – children have ten spellings to practice each week, they practice them in class as part of their early morning work sometimes but please make sure they practice their spellings at home too. Children have an informal spelling assessment every Friday morning.

English – we are doing different Tales from around the world for our weekly reading comprehension lesson this term.

The book we are reading this term is called The Last Bear, written by Hannah Gold. the book was published last year, has brilliant reviews and we are having lots of fun in class writing different activities around it.

Maths this term we are doing: decimals, money and time.

Own projects – we started these projects last week with children asking how to insert a photo in a PowerPoint slide or how to write on a PowerPoint slide and second week they were already using special effects and they all made their first projects, look amazing. Is brilliant to see their quick progress and how much they have learnt. Alongside learning how to work in PowerPoint, learning new things about different topics of their interest and presenting their project in front of the class, children also practice in a fun way their writing, spellings and punctuation whilst working on these projects.

Origami – this Term, each week we do a part of an origami dragon and we will finish it at the end of the term. We are all looking forward to see the final dragons, hopefully we will have 29! Origami is brilliant for improving attention, work memory, creativity and confidence.

Group work - every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning during assemblies some children are doing Maths or Spellings group work.

We are also doing individual reading with some of the children before or after doing our afternoon lesson.

Please see the curriculum overview for 2021-2022 for information about all the other subjects.

Our webpage gives lots of information about the curriculum, homework, website links, book lists and pictures of our learningsmiley