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Welcome to Class 4 webpage!



Thank you!


Dear the amazing Year 4, Parents and Carers,

What a year it has been, and how quickly it feels to have past! 

I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me this year and the rest of the Year 4 team, it has been much appreciated! 


Year 4 have worked so hard continuously through out the year and gone from strength to strength in a time that was worrying for some. They brought a smile to my face each day during lockdown and then even more so, when I got them back in the classroom. We’ve had many laughs this year and I look forward to seeing how much they continue to grow in Year 5. They are such an amazing bunch of kids and I’m so thankful to have been their teacher this year and to get to continue this again!


I wish you all the best summer break and hope you all get the opportunity to have a nice rest, with some nice weather (fingers crossed)! 


I look forward to seeing you all again in September for Year 5,

Many, many thanks once again,

Miss Smith 

Class 4 Trip - Wingham Wildlife Park