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Term 5 and 6 Curriculum Information

Year One Curriculum Letter - Terms Five and Six 2022


Homework – This will be set throughout the year. Each week there will be an activity linked to our class phonics/spelling focus for the week and a Maths, Topic or other curriculum related activity. Please just do what you can. Homework will be sent home on a Friday.


Spelling test –The spelling words will be given every Friday. There will be an informal assessment of these spellings on the following Friday.


Handwriting – The children will continue to learn the cursive style of handwriting. We begin by progressing through the alphabet, teaching children the lead-in and lead-out stroke for each letter, which will eventually guide them towards joining their letters fluently and correctly. All children will be introduced to this system but we fully appreciate that some children will need greater support with pencil control and exercises to help them achieve in this area. 


P.E. – Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit on PE days. PE lessons will be on Tuesdays.


Clubs-  If you child is attending a club where they will need to change into different clothes, please check that these are brought to school clearly named. Thank you.


Library – The children will visit the school library on Thursdays and will choose a book to bring home. Please return the book by the following Thursday so that they can change it a bring a different book home each week.


Reading scheme books – All children will continue to read the scheme books at school, on a one to one basis, with the teachers and teaching assistants. These books will be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Reading comments – Please sign or initial your child’s reading record so we know that your child has read to you. A brief comment on their reading experience is useful but is not always necessary. Please encourage your child to share a book with you as often as possible to ensure they progress well.


Good behaviour – This is encouraged through praise and reward such as through team points, classroom rewards, ‘Golden Time’ on Friday afternoons, stickers, Gold Star Awards in Celebration Assemblies and Termly Head Teacher Awards.

There are sanctions if our Class Rules are not obeyed which include warnings followed by missing a proportion of Golden time if children do not heed the warnings. This system is clearly explained to the children at the outset and adhered to consistently by all Year 1 staff.


Phonics screening - This statutory assessment takes place in June. We have put information on the website about this, however you will receive more information nearer the time.


English - In Terms 5 and 6 we will be exploring different kinds of fiction and non-fiction texts based around our geography topic 'Life in the City' and our history topic 'Seaside'. We will also be looking at stories based on familiar/personal experiences, focusing in particular on the author and illustrator Shirley Hughes. In addition we will  be learning to read, recite, perform and write poems with pattern/rhyme.


Phonics - This term we will be revising all of the sounds that the children have learnt so far, in preparation for the Phonics screening test in June. We will then be readying the children to move onto the phase 6 sounds in Year 2. Phonics work will involve word building, hearing and building rhyming word families and alphabetical order. Pupils will be encouraged to know the sounds and the names of all the letters of the alphabet. We build on the Letters and Sounds scheme alongside Monster Phonics. 


Maths - In Terms 5 and 6, our daily Maths lessons will focus on the following:



Multiplication and Division - Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. Making equal groups, adding equal groups (repeated addition) and sharing equal groups. Making arrays and making doubles. 

Fractions - Finding halves and quarters. 

Place Value (within 100) - Counting forwards and backwards within 100. Partitioning numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers. Finding one more and one less. 



Weight and Volume - We will measure, compare and order different weights and volumes. 

Money - Recognising coins and notes. Counting in coins. 

Time - Before and after, dates. Time to the hour and half hour. Writing time and comparing time.



Position and Direction - Describe turns and position. 


Science - The Science module for Term 3 is learning about ‘Everyday Materials’. The children will identify and recognise a variety of everyday materials and perform simple experiments. In Term 4, our Science module will be " Seasonal Change". The children will be learning to observe seasonal change across the four seasons in the context of the weather. They will be learning to collect and record data about the weather.


Computing - Computing will be used to support all curriculum areas whenever possible and will be available for children to use in child-initiated activities. Children will develop their programming skills through using Beebots following and creating their algorithms.


History-  Our topic this term is ‘Seaside’. We will looking at the past and present of the British Seaside. We will learn about great female sailors such as Ellen MacArthur and also the famous Lighthouse Keeper Grace Darling.


Geography- We will be studying ‘Life in the City’. We will be learning what a city is and exploring their features. We will be identifying some major capital cities around the world, focusing on the human and physical features of Edinburgh and Cape Town. We will also explore the symbols and patterns used to create maps. 


Music- We will be listening, composing and performing together. Our theme is ‘What Songs Can We Sing To Help Us Through The Day?'


RE - Our theme this term is 'Celebrations'. We will be learning about the beliefs of Hindus and Muslims and finding out about the things they celebrate throughout the year. 


Art and Design - Our Art work will focus on exploring print making and pattern. We will also explore a variety of different media. 


Design and Technology- Our work will focus on the topic ‘Stable Structures.’ The children will have opportunities for planning their work, making a product and evaluating it.


PE- Our P.E work will focus on Striking and Fielding, Athletics and Tennis. 


Personal, Health and Social Education: Throughout the year, we will be following the SCARF scheme. Our themes will be ‘Keeping myself safe’ and ‘Rights and Responsibilities .’


Thank you very much for all your support so far. We very much look forward to working with you and your children this year.


With thanks,

Mrs Hemsley and Mrs Hilden.